Welcome to Sew Happy Quilters Guild!         Last updated July 26, 2012    10:00pm


The Sew Happy Quilters Guild was started on March 17, 2010 by a group of ladies that enjoy the sometimes tedious (and always enjoyable) process of making quilts!  With the opening of The Quilt Cupboard by Esther Gilmore in the fall of 2009, it became the “hang out” for many of us!   Sheryl Bordelon was the driving force behind getting this guild started.   She did endless research, wrote our ByLaws, and even thought of our wonderful name!  “Sewing makes us happy!” is the motto of our Guild.  The purpose of our guild is to create a community of quilters to share ideas, develop skills, and encourage the tradition of quilt making in our local area of Morgan City, Louisiana.  Our guild is always open to new members.  If you’re thinking of joining or would like to invite a friend, visitors are always welcome.


A Warm Welcome

Below is our July 2012 Lotto Block, “Bouquet”